Citizenship Award presented to five students who rescued real estate agent

January 21, 2011

The Northside Citizenship Award was created in 1999 to recognize deserving individuals who have made a positive impact on the Northside ISD community. The Citizenship Award is presented to individuals and/or groups whose actions are "above and beyond the normal day's scope of activities" and/or may be unique.

In the past, this prestigious award has been presented to a teacher who saved the life of a fellow teacher by administering CPR in the classroom, to two bus drivers who alerted the authorities when they spotted an overturned car with the driver still inside under a bridge; and to a group of Country/Western musicians who donate their time and talent to perform to Reddix students on a regular basis, among others.

Two current and three former NISD students who came to the aid of a real estate agent who was being attacked by a client were presented with the Northside Citizenship Award.

Janice Tisdale was showing her client a property when he hit her on the head with a pole. She was able to catch the attention of the students who stopped their vehicle and scared the attacker off. The students drove Tisdale to a nearby police officer, who later caught the attacker.

Tisdale calls the five students her heroes and credits them with saving her life.

The students are:

  • Blair Engel, Brandeis High School
  • Sean Reyes, Clark High School
  • Esteban Rodriguez, Clark graduate
  • Taylor Freiermuth, Clark graduate
  • Steven Merry, Clark graduate