NISD gets behind effort to bring $1 million to S.A. Food Bank

December 14, 2010
Do you want Wal-Mart to donate $1 million to the San Antonio Food Bank?  
If you have a Facebook account, go to, make sure "San Antonio" is selected and click "Like." The website then will prompt you to log in to Facebook to complete the vote. 
Wal-Mart will donate $1 million to the city with the most votes, and the next five cities with the most support will receive $100,000. Currently San Antonio is in third place. 
You must vote by Dec. 31. 
"Northside ISD wants to help fight hunger in San Antonio," Superintendent John Folks said. "I encourage students, staff, and all community members to go to Wal-Mart's Facebook page and vote for San Antonio."
Please encourage your Facebook friends to vote by updating your status with the following: "Vote now to help San Antonio receive $1 million to help fight hunger. Go to, click on San Antonio, and click 'Like.'"