Northside ISD is Recognized for third consecutive year

July 30, 2010

Northside ISD has been named a Texas Recognized District for the third year in a row by the Texas Education Agency. It is also notable that NISD has the most number of Exemplary Schools in District history and the least number of Academically Acceptable Schools ever. (Northside has no schools rated below Academically Acceptable.) NISD is one of the largest and most diverse districts in Texas to earn a Recognized rating.

The District has a total of 51 Exemplary campuses, 37 Recognized campuses, and 4 Academically Acceptable campuses. No campuses were rated Academically Unacceptable. Those numbers compare to last year's 42 Exemplary campuses, 37 Recognized campuses, and 10 Academically Acceptable.

"I am thrilled with our ratings," Superintendent John Folks said. "This is such an incredible accomplishment, and I am so proud of our principals, our teachers and our students for their hard work and achievement."

"When you consider how large, and most importantly, how socio-economically and ethically diverse Northside ISD is, this is a big accomplishment," says Folks.

With over 91,000 students enrolled last year in 104 schools, NISD is 77% minority. Almost 50% of its students qualify for free and reduced lunch. The large number of students who are speakers of other languages create challenges for teachers.

Many school districts across the state saw a boost in the number of Exemplary and Recognized campuses because of a formula called the Texas Projection Measure (TPM). The TPM, developed by TEA, predicts whether a student who failed a TAKS test will improve over time and ultimately pass the test. For the second time, those students were counted as passers.

"While some may question the use of the TPM, it is the system that was developed by TEA and Pearson under a mandate from HB3 and, as such, is in use by all districts across the state," says Folks.

Even without the help of the Texas Projection Measure, NISD still would be a Recognized district and would not have had any Academically Unacceptable campuses, Folks said.

Individual campus accountability ratings and campus TAKS scores will be posted to the individual campus web pages by August 28.