Board honors District administrators

May 26, 2010

Title I Part A Distinguished School Performance Awards

The Texas Education Agency's Title 1 Distinguished Schools prestigious designation recognizes schools that have consistently demonstrated strong academic performances over a three-year period. There are 2 categories:

(1) Distinguished Performance Schools

Rosie Siller-Schultz, Principal Cable ES
Melva Matkin, Principal Esparza ES
Jerry Allen, Principal Lackland City ES
Stephanie Nalbach, Principal Leon Valley ES
Emilio Landeros, Principal Linton ES
Debra Tatum, Principal McDermott ES
Patty Sanchez, Principal Passmore ES
De'Ann Upright, Principal Powell ES
Brenda Gallardo, Principal Villarreal

(2) Distinguished Progress Schools

Annette Lopez, Principal Burke ES
Kittiya Johnson, Principal Cody ES
Thomas Knapp, Principal Fisher ES
Tom Buente, Principal Howsman ES
Ron Tatsch, Principal Mary Hull ES
Gilbert Rios, Principal Knowlton ES
Sallie Frederick, Principal Meadow Village ES
Debbie Patlovany, Principal Murnin ES

Texas State Development Council Leadership Awards

Leadership in Campus Achievement to Brandeis High School and Principal Geri Berger:
When Brandeis opened two years ago, part of the vision was that Teachers would be engaged in professional development. In this process, campus leaders were trained and expected to model effective teaching practices. During Brandeis' staff development, the leadership team models strategies that Teachers can then utilize in their classroom with their particular content. The Tips and Tools training provided the framework for the Brandeis staff development plan.

Leadership in the "Principal" Story: Javier Martinez, Briscoe Middle School, and Jeff Davenport, Forester Elementary, were recognized for Campus Leadership by the Texas Staff Development Council at the TASA Midwinter Conference. Martinez and Davenport were two of four local principals who participated in KLRN's The Principal Story. The pair wrote about their experiences in education and addressed various topics in a Blog, as well as appeared in the KLRN Special.