In Northside ISD, learning and success go far beyond test scores and accountability ratings. Since 1998, students have been benefiting from a character curriculum taught throughout the District at all grade levels. 

Northside's curriculum is based on six 'Pillars of Character,' developed by the Josephson Institute. The pillars are: Caring, Citizenship, Fairness, Responsibility, Respect, and Trustworthiness.

Teachers weave lessons about the pillars into classroom activities, and every year, the Northside Education Foundation selects six NISD graduates to represent each Pillar of Character. The six alumni serve as the centerpiece at the Foundation's annual fundraising gala and each must make a commitment to visit schools and speak with students.

A poster of the current year's pillars hangs in all 6,000 classrooms in Northside to remind students that everyone has the potential to be a Pillar of Character.

Pillars can be nominated by anyone in the community by completing the pillars nomination form. All nominees must be a Northside graduate.

For more information, call the NISD Partnerships office at (210) 397-8599.

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