2013 Kurt Castner Teacher of the Year


I was honored to be selected as “Teacher of the Year” this school year for my campus and hope that my performance in my job shows that I am worthy of such an acknowledgement . I am in my 7th year teaching and have been at the NAMS South campus for two school years. I have taught a little of everything in my career, from reading class for junior high students to third grade in elementary school, and now solely special education students in the BMC room. I look at my teaching as a chance to build relationships with students first and foremost, before increasing their knowledge of content. There are many past teachers of mine that stand out in my mind (going all the way back to elementary school) as people who took an honest interest in helping me excel and live a better life. I hope that some of my students think of me that way and remember what I did for them. This is the truest form of payment to me for my efforts in teaching and mentoring them.