Big Lou's Pizza Project

A local pizza restaurant, Big Lou’s Pizza, is known for their “ginormous” pizzas. They have been featured on national television, and the restaurant has become a local tourist attraction. The largest to-go box is a 37”. One student said the pizza was as big as the table. His family of 5 couldn't eat it all and he had leftover pizza the next day.  For this project, our students are going bigger, way bigger and are constructing a box large enough to carry the monster 42” pizza. They are applying math to real-life experiences. Students are amazed how large the pizza really is. Through this project, students are able to learn and apply numerous math concepts: problem-solving, measurement, surface area, area, circumference, diameter and radius, and most importantly real-life application. Students also must learn how to work as productive members of a team.

-Mrs. Elizondo, Math Teacher