Violence Prevention Program


The Violence Prevention Program consists of seven training programs. The Training events are conducted by NAHS STAFF & Community Guest speakers who each deliver very important information for our students. The VP class consists of up to 30 students. Teachers and our school counselor provide input in the selection of students for this class. A VP permission form signed by parent is required for student participation. Students who successfully participate in the program will receive a Certificate of Completion. The VP program consists of the following training sessions:


Ø  MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving):  In this presentation a Madd representative will discuss the importance to students of why they should avoid alcohol until turning 21. Also included in this program is a free Power of You(th) booklet and resourceful tools. The representative will discuss the dangers of underage drinking and how it may lead to serious health and legal problems. 


Ø  Bullying: NAHS School Counselor, Mark Saunders will do a presentation on Bullying and its impact on students. Victims of bullying are usually affected by problems with feelings of depression, health problems and decreased levels of academic performance. Strategies will be discussed to avoid being a victim of bullying.


Ø Operation Outreach: Correctional Officers from the Dominguez State Jail will speak to students on the harsh realities of prison life. The program is designed to inform students of the kinds of dangerous situations and violent incidents that occur in prison. The objective is to deter students from any kind of criminal behavior that may lead them into prison and to focus more on their education.   


Ø Me To You Program: U.S. Air Force Staff from Randolph AFB will do a presentation for our students on the importance of being successful in school. Some of the staff will give a personal testimony on how they went through difficult times while doing time in a Juvenile Detention facility or Alternative School. Their stories are inspiring and uplifting on how they overcame a troubled period in their lives to finish high school and later become successful in their military careers.


Ø Teen Dating Violence: NISD Counselor, Adriana Felts will speak to students about teenage dating violence and Texas law. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to differentiate between a healthy and unhealthy relationship.


Ø  Cyber Bullying: NAHS CATE Coordinator, Chastity Camero will present information on the topic of Cyber-bullying to students. Cyber-bullying is the use of cell phones, instant messaging, e-mail, chat rooms, or social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to harass, threaten or intimidate someone.


Ø  Conflict Resolution & Character: NAHS Teacher/Mediator, Sam Garcia will introduce the concept of Conflict Resolution using a power point presentation and a video. Students will have the opportunity to learn about strategies to use for resolving conflicts peacefully to include information on positive character traits that lead to success. Students will have a chance to review and discuss the information they received from all of the guest speakers. In addition, students will have the opportunity to rate the programs and guest speakers by completing a survey form. Certificates of Completions will be presented to students at the conclusion of the program.

  • Violence Prevention Program Permission Form (Suggested for all students attending because of a violence related placement.)

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