About Myers Elementary

Welcome to Virginia A. Myers Elementary.  Virginia A. Myers opened in the fall of 1997.  The campus is named after Virginia A. Myers who was the first women elected to serve as president of the Northside School Board.  Mrs. Myers was not only an active member of the NISD School Board, but also served on the NISD PTA Council.  To this day, she still maintains a strong connection with the Myers campus.

Virginia A. Myers is a Title I and Bilingual Cluster campus.  As a Bilingual Cluster campus, we serve Spanish dominant students from Carl and Bunny Jean Raba Elementary, Carlos Coon Elementary, and Christian Evers Elementary.  The campus has been TEA Recognized eight years of the fourteen years that it has been open.  In 2011, we had the honor of being a TEA Exemplary campus.  The average number of students served is approximately 700 plus each year.

Our School Mascot: American Bald Eagle

Our School Colors: Red, White, and Blue

Our School Pledge: English / Spanish