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Technology Integration for First Graders





Getting Started at the Beginning of the Year

Kid Pix 3

Language Arts-
*Use different fonts/colors to practice typing/writing names or the alphabet.
*Have students write a letter of the alphabet then look for stamps that start with that letter.Students can do 1 or more letters.
*Start an alphabet book. Assign a letter and brainstorm a picture the child can draw for that letter. They can type the word or write it or you can add that later as a label if you want them all to look the same. Collect them to make a class book. Maybe you or some of your quicker working kids can do more than 1 page. Someone can be assigned the Title Page or you can do that.

*Give students a numeral and have them stamp pictures which show the number associated with it.
*Create patterns with stamps.
*Study attributes by having students complete self-portraits and then listing attributes they included or similarities and differences. If you don't want to print, then have students do a "gallery walk" to see each others portraits.

Science/Social Studies-
*Be Free--Illustrate activities which complete "Free to ____________________. (skate, eat, sleep, go to school, etc.)
*Be Me--Illustrate a favorite thing such as food. Once students are done and printed, graph their illustrations and discuss how the students are similar and disimilar in their likes how their favorites are part of being them.
*Being at School--Illustrate a place or person in the school. Use these in the classroom or put in a class book with a real photo of the place or person to help students or new students become familiar with the school.
*More ideas are welcomed!

Class, pairs,


Double Pan Balance

Use the computer to complete the balance game. Try to guess the weights of each shape.



Going on an Inch Hunt

Students will use rulers or other measurement tools such as non-standard Unifix cubes to find items around the classroom or school that are specific lengths or widths. Students will take pictures with iPods or digital cameras. Photos will be gathered to create a class project such as a PowerPoint, Animoto, or Movie Maker video.

Download student template (optional).

Individual or Pairs

Number Line

Number Line Video

Lesson created by J. Antuna and A. Knight.

iPod Lesson

Students watch two short videos demonstrating the use of the number line to add and subtract.  Teacher should provide a number line and a worksheet for practice.  Students can complete worksheet using the number line after they have viewed the lesson.

Option: Teacher may want to provide a large floor number line for kinesthetic learners.



Cool Clouds

Read any Dav Pilkey book. View the website "Cool Clouds". Create your own 'unusual' skies with KidPix4. Be creative!


Community Helpers

Community Club-Scholastic



Community Scavenger Hunt - Family to Classroom Activity


Community Helpers Research

Listen to the jobs of the helpers on the website. Use library books and stories in class.

1) Create a blog on Kidblog with various jobs and descriptions with students. Ask people in the field through email or phone call to comment on the blog and tell what their day is like and what training they needed to get their job.
2) Create a picture of a community job or location. Insert the picture into MS PowerPoint and add text and narration. MS Photostory can also be used. This activity can also be posted on the blog if a blog is created.
3) After completing the Scavenger Hunt, display all information from students through photos, a collage, a video, or other visual means. These may also be uploaded to the blog if a blog was started.

Class or Grade Level

Community Helpers PowerPoint

Community Helpers

World of Work

Discuss the jobs and people on the website. Find the locations around the world with GoogleEarth. Ask CIT to load World of Work file.



Texas, Our Texas 

Use the links and the Texas Symbols PowerPoint to learn more about Texas. Create a PowerPoint with your information. 

Download student template (optional).


Texas, Our Texas

Texas, Our Texas Video

Lesson created by Murnin 1st Grade.

iPod Lesson:

Prior to using the Texas Symbol Evaluation T-Chart found on page 41 of the NISD Science Unit: Life in the Texas Chihuahuan Desert, students may review some Texas Symbols by viewing a short 1 minute Texas Symbols PowerPoint.  The PowerPoint may be viewed using the iTouch.  The PowerPoint is set to the music "Texas Our Texas".  Copies of pp. 41 and 42 should be made for each student.  After the student has reviewed symbols of Texas, students will complete the Texas Symbol Evaluation pp. 41 & 42. 


Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

View the slideshow on MLK's life. Create pictures of MLK. Scan or export them into VoiceThread. Students can respond with what they think MLK would be doing today. Invite others to respond as well.


Wants and Needs

To Market, to Market

Download student activity To Market, To Market. Save the PowerPoint to each computer. Complete the PowerPoint slides through edit view. Print out the completed slides.



Super 3 Research Project

Listed in order by reading difficulty

Desert Webquest (bilingual)

Enchanted Learning

Desert Animals

Desert USA - Food Chain & List of Wildlife

Fact Sheets

Use the websites to learn about your animals.

When you are finished, choose one or more of the projects listed.

1) Create a Glog. Use your research and include pictures and video to complete an online poster. Use KidPix to create the animal and the habitat.
2) Create KidPix pictures of animals and their habitat. Use in a diorama, PowerPoint, or Photostory. Don't forget narration! For an example, ask CIT.
3) Ask your CIT to help you create a wiki to post your information.
4) Create dioramas and clay animals and videotape the interrelationship between the animals.
5) Make trading cards with your animals and their information. Templates available at Big Huge Labs.

6) Create a class book with the diorama pictures and the text from students' research. Create a movie from the pictures and PP text slides for parents to see on the website.


2011-12 Glog Projects
Fernandez | Castellanos

Animales nocturnos o diurnos

Animales nocturnos o diurnos Video

Lesson created by A. Fernandez.

iPod Lesson

Student's will learn the definition of nocturno (nocturnal) and diurno (diurnal) for animals that live in the desert.



Changes in Technology

Technology Changes-Then and Now 1

Technology Changes-Then and Now 2

View 'Changes in Technology".

1) Download student activity Technology Changes PowerPoint 1 and student activity Technology Changes PowerPoint 2. Complete the PowerPoint activities in edit view. Print out the completed slides.

2) Use iPods or a camera to take photos or video with narration of technology-related items. Create a video through Movie Maker or Photostory.

3) User timeliner to create a timeline of major technological changes.


Children's Authors

Amazing Authors

When you have finished reading about the authors and have read 1 or 2 of their works, then complete an activitiy below.

1) Marc Brown- Create a short story about Arthur and his friends that teaches a lesson. Brainstorm together using Kidspiration.
2) David McPhail- Create a "What to do About Your Loose Tooth" public service announcement in Photostory 3. Students will draw a picture and narrate. OR Upload pictures and narration into Voicethread and allow other students to comment.
3) Eric Carle- Create caterpillars or butterflies using KidPix 4. Use bold colors, gradients, or textures for each part of the caterpillar or butterfly. OR talk about symmetry with the symmetry tool in KP4.
4) Dav Pilkey- Create cool pictures with cool skies in KP4. Put the pictures into Animoto and watch them play in a cool display.
5) Jan Brett- Act out The Mitten or The Gingerbread Baby with motions and expressions. Take photos on each part and enter into PhotoStory or PowerPoint with narration. (Animal masks available on JB wesite).
6) Felicia Bond- Go to "Mouse Spotted on a Bus" on the website. Take your own stuffed mouse toy and take photos of him in various locations. Post photos and updates of Mouse's journey on a blog.


Sample for 4

Sample for 5



Dress Me for Space

Aeronautics Memory Game

What Comes Next?

Grab It

It's Not the Same

Rocket Builder

Airplane High and Low

Students will use websites as fillers as they rotate through various stations exploring different aspects of SPACE DAY. Other stations include making a jet pack, making a space helmet, experimenting with space food and watching a video of astronauts in space.