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Technology Integration for Fifth Graders






Measurement (weight)

Triple Balance Beam
Tutorial website

Complete the tutorial before using the triple balance beam.


Earth Structures

Earth Structures Unit

Use the websites and activities on the website to learn about earth layers, glaciers, plate tectonics, earthquakes, and volcanoes. Suggested activities are included on website.

Class and individual


College Bound!


Harvard University

Ohio State University

University of Michigan

University of Missouri

University of Texas - Austin

Baylor University

Texas A & M University

Students research their university or college using the datasheet. Add additional facts of interest.
Location- 1) Where is it located? 2) How far is it from San Antonio? 3) Find the location on GoogleEarth.
Date Established
Mascot & School Colors & Logo
Campus Motto (most in latin)
Student Population-undergraduate and graduate
How large is the campus?
Name 3 majors.
What can you study?
Name 3 sports played at the university.

When complete, choose one or more of the following:
1) Show your research with a PowerPoint, Publisher brochure, a Glog, Wordle, Inspiration web, or create a Voki.
2) Use Puzzlemaker to create a word search for your college. Include items from the questions.
3) Create a recipe in MS Word for your college. Include those skills or the knowledge you will need to be successful in college.(ex. 2 c. hard work, 1 longhorn named Bevo, 4 tsp. good attitude, etc.)
4) Compare and contrast colleges using a venn diagram
5) Create a MS Excel spreadsheet listing the costs of college (room, board, meals, travel, tuition, etc.) and discuss options to pay for costs.


History Unit 3-
Tale of Three Cities

Fact Monster

Follow the instructions on this PDF.

What happened in those three cities that caused them all to become one of the largest cities in the United States?

Create a visual presentation of your findings through a PowerPoint, glog, SumoPaint illustration, VoiceThread, Photostory, or Movie.


History Unit 5-
Space Race

Space Race

From America’s Story,
Library of Congress

Follow the instructions on this PDF.

How did the discoveries and innovations that occurred during the space program benefit society?

Use MS Word to draft an email or a letter which discusses the benefits of the program. You may use MS Word or MS Publisher to create a flyer to do the same.



Big 6 Research

Space Systems Unit

Divide students into groups according to space system topic. Students will use the videos and websites to answer the following research questions.

-Create a Photostory about your research.
-Create a video. Use Visual Communicator to add special effects to your video.
-Use a Voki to tell about your research.
-Create a Publisher brochure to tell others about your topic.

Library Research


Class and groups


La Brea Tar Pits Museum

Additional Information:

University of California Museum of Paleontology

Use the sites to learn more about the Rancho La Brea Tar Pits in California. Don't forget to go to the FAQs. There is more information there for you. Use Google Earth to zoom into the Tar Pit area and see photos taken by visitors.

When you have found several facts to share, create a Brochure in MS Publisher.






Biomes and Adaptations Unit

1) Create a diorama of your biome or your animal and its ecosystem. Videotape or record your research.
2) Complete a webquest or scavenger hunt listed.
3) Complete the handout using "Animal Adaptations".
4) Create a story and type in MS Word on creature created on Build Your Wild Self. Use a VoiceThread to post creatures and narrate stories or adaptation descriptions.
5) Animal Descriptive Poems-
Create animals from Switcheroo Zoo. Use the Windows Snipping Tool to copy and paste the animal into an MS Word document. Add an Animal Descriptive Poem about the animal on the same MS Word document page.
Use the following pattern to create the poem.
Line 1 - Name of Animal
Line 2 - Three phrases that name parts of the animal
Line 3 - An inherited trait and its purpose
Line 4 - I [description of movement]
Line 5 - Description of habitat
Line 6 - Description of diet
Line 7 - Description of sounds the animal makes or does not make
Use the thesaurus in MS Word to enhance the poem. Students might also focus on using similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, and other literary tools.

Class, pairs, and individual

Example of #5

Outdoor Classroom Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt Video

Lesson created by Murnin 5th Grade.

1) Students will power iPod touch and open the Outdoor Science Classroom Scavenger Hunt video.
2) Have students get into groups of 2-3 and follow directions in the video. They will need to pause the video at each direction screen.
3) Students will upload the photos and videos to the school share drive. Students will present and explain their findings to the class.

Individual or Pairs

Westward Expansion
Lewis & Clark Expedition

Big 6 Research Project

Westward Expansion

Students will be divided into pairs to research various aspects of the Lewis & Clark expedition. They will combine library research and research in the computer lab. Complete one of the following:
1) Create a wiki that displays research found by students. Ask other students from other classes or schools to contribute to the research. Vokis and mini-videos or PowerPoints are allowed!
2) Use the photos on the site in a PowerPoint or Photostory to accompany research. Don't forget narration!
3) Create an ABC class book. Use KidPix for pictures and export them to a Word document with typed research information.These may also be shown in electronic form.
4) Plot the course using GoogleEarth. Add students' research data to each stop on the way.

Library Research

Class and individual

The Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party Multimedia Presentation

Students will research information on various aspects of the American Revolution and create Glogs to show their learning.

Library Research

Civil War

Video List compiled from United Streaming by N. Gonzales-Winkler

iPOD Project:

Students receive draft letters and conduct research in the library and computer lab to complete data sheet. Students view videos on iPods or computer. Students compose a letter to their family which includes aspects of their research. They may also complete a podcast of their letters.

Civil War Draft Letters and Data Sheet

















Data Sheet

Library Research

Pairs and/or Individuals

Can a Letter Change History?
Lincoln's Beard

Can a Letter Change History PowerPoint Presentation

Lesson created by Forester 5th Grade.

Students will discuss the presidency of Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War through a historical document. The PowerPoint presentation will be used to guide the discussion included in the Teacher Instructions.

Class and small groups


Murnin only

Lighthouse Project

Students will be divided up and choose a lighthouse from the Northern United States. They will complete research questions with books and websites. Once the research is complete they will:

1) Construct a lighthouse replica in art class.

2) Create a newspaper article telling about the lighthouse they researched. Optional: Use online newspaper template. Students may also use Glogster to record photos of lighthouse replica progress and finished product and display with researched information.

3) Compare and contrast the lighthouse they researched with a selected lighthouse from the Texas Gulf area.

Library Research

Pairs and/or Individuals

Student Projects