What's the "Dirt" on Kindergarten?

Kindergarten students at Mireles conducted a soil investigation to make observations of their school environment and to learn why soil is important. As a part of our Community and Me Unit, our Kindergarten scientists were so excited to set out on a community walk around campus to make observations and collect various rock and soil samples which they used to describe, observe, and compare. Our scientists loved being able to investigate soil with their hands and they were very successful in identifying the properties of soil, rocks, and sand!

They worked in groups to complete and label a class mural to show what could be found in soil- such as rocks, grass, worms, sticks, and leaves. We extended the learning by reading books, creating charts, writing in our science journals, and we even explored how worms help improve soil by observing and interacting with them in our Science Center. They learned that soil is essential to life and that without soil there would be no life on Earth!