3rd Grade Research: Wetlands

At Mireles Elementary, our goal is to achieve greatness! Third grade students are well on their way to achieving that goal. They have been studying the Wetlands and doing their Big 6 Research Projects. Needless, to say they have been busy little beavers.

In Science, they learned about landforms, natural forces, learned behavior and inherited traits. They explored the life cycle of plants and frogs. The students discovered that a food chain is how energy flows from the sun to all living organisms in a pattern. The history of Mitchell Lake and the ways we conserve and protect our community was an interesting discovery for most students.

In writing, they took three trips to the library where Mrs. Tumbarello shared important research techniques with the students. Students were introduced to research techniques such as:  note taking, source citing, and reading for information. After the time spent in the library, they took what they learned and applied it to a specific wetland animal.

Finally, they chose a project where they could share information about their animal. There were five different projects students could chose from:  a photo story, a brochure, a diorama, a tab book, or a power point presentation. Students went to different classrooms to complete their projects. It was an exciting time for both students and teachers. Everyone met new people and made new friends while accomplishing an educational goal.

The unit was a tremendous success. Integrating science, writing, research and technology was a big undertaking. The students worked very hard to make their projects fun and educational for their peers. The results were amazing! Third grade students definitely achieved greatness with this experience! Here are a few photos to go with this story.