Walk to School Day at JAM

Judge Andy Mireles Elementary is participating in a Walk to School Day on Wednesday, October 9th.
Join children and adults around the world to celebrate the benefits of walking and bicycling.

About our event:
• Try walking to school that morning with your child to emphasis the benefits of
physical fitness, reduced traffic congestion, and concern for the environment.

• If you can’t walk the whole way, consider parking part way on a safe street and
walking the rest of the way together to school.

• Encourage kids to walk by letting them decorate their shoes with ribbons, bells, and stickers!

• All kids who walk to school will be given a participation badge and get to sign the “I Walked to School Today Banner”.

• Kids who are unable to walk to school can still participate by joining in special “walking activities” that morning in the gym and receive recognition for participation!