3rd Graders Meet Their Kindergarten Buddies

The 3rd grade students at Mireles Elementary recently met up with their kindergarten buddies. The students were paired up with a buddy and enjoyed working with one another on a variety of activities.

Each 3rd grade student introduced themselves to their buddy and took time to get to know each other and find things they had in common. Some classes worked on character traits while getting to know each other while others helped write their kindergarten buddy’s name on a card. The cards were decorated and exchanged. They also practiced being proactive while listening to the Be Proactive song and some were able to walk their kindergarten buddy to their rotation class.

They set the foundation for a yearlong friendship where they will go back to meet with their buddy classes to set goals and work on the seven habits every month. Third grade students were very excited and enjoyed the chance to be the "older" student who is able to demonstrate the expected leadership behavior. They enjoy passing each other up in the hallways from time to time and offer a cheerful “hello” to their new friend. This camaraderie encourages the younger students to learn from their buddy’s example of leadership and teamwork while the older students learn to serve as role models and leaders for their buddies. The students are looking forward to meeting up again next month!

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