Mireles Field Day

Yahoo! Field Day at Mireles was a success. All students got the opportunity to participate in some fabulous activities prepared by Coach McCluskey and Coach Puente. Students started the day listening to a motivational speech by Coach Davenport from Taft High School. He spoke about the importance of being a team player and cooperating with others. He mentioned how sports could be one way of learning and developing leadership skills and character.

Grade levels then took turns rotating to the Gym for relays, to the Cafeteria for more relays, to Water stations on the black top, to Bouncy houses outside, to Tug-O-War out on the field. Students got to rest during lunch and for a rotation in their classroom. From most comments, students appeared to really enjoy the day!

Field Day ended with all students enjoying a picture slideshow of the day’s events. Students cheered most loudly when Grade level winners (3rd, 2nd, and 1st places) were announced.