Attendance Blitz

Michael Elementary is working hard to achieve our campus goal of 97% attendance average. We have a number of incentives on campus for students who have good attendance and also for the classes that maintain a good attendance average.

Every student is required by law to attend school. If your student is absent for medical reasons, please ensure a doctor's note is sent with your child the day he/she returns, so that the absence can be considered excused. Please make contact with your child's teacher to obtain any make-up work.

Instruction begins at 7:40 a.m.
Tardies are counted after 7:45 a.m.

Students are considered absent at 9:00 a.m. 

Early Sign Outs are considered a partial day absence and count toward attendance.

Congratulations to the following classes for their FANTASTIC attendance this past month.
Remember, everyday counts!!!

1. Ms. Maldonado- 3rd Grade-97.92 %
2. Ms. Skinner-4th Grade 98.36 %
3. Mrs. Mondragon- 2nd Grade-97.98%
4. Mrs. Pereya- 3d Grade- 97.92%
5. Mr. Gibson-5th Grade- 97.80 %
6. Ms. Gohn- 4th Grade-97.79%
7. Ms. Sauer- 4th Grade-97.76%
8. Mrs. Lehberger- 3rd Grade- 97.58%
9. Mrs. Hogkiss- 1st Grade- 97.56%
10. Mrs. Garcia- 5th Grade-97.79%