Michael Elementary Celebrates Red Ribbon Week


National Red Ribbon Week 2013 honors the 25th anniversary of the ultimate sacrifice made by U.S. Drug Enforcement Special Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena.  In 1988, Congress officially proclaimed the last week of October as Red Ribbon Week in honor of this brave American.  He made a difference by helping to fight illegal drugs. Today, over 100,000 schools and other organizations across the United States use this time to spread the important message about living a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.  We hope everyone will participate in this very special week! 


Monday - Oct. 28:  “We Promise to live Drug Free!” Michael students & staff will kick off this week by making a pledge to live a drug free life.  We will show our support by wearing RED RIBBONS.

Tuesday - Oct. 29“Join the Fight Against Drugs!” Good Michael citizens make wise choices by NOT supporting the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. Wear military or camouflage clothing to show that you will join the fight against drugs!


Wednesday - Oct. 30:  “Slam Dunk, Drugs are Junk!”   Be a team player and wear your favorite basketball team shirt or jersey to show that you make healthy choices by saying “no” to drugs and “yes” to healthy alternatives.


Thursday – Oct. 31:  Say “BOO” to Drugs Respect yourself and show you care by saying “BOO” to drugs!  Wear a Halloween themed shirt or a Storybook Character costume!


Friday – Nov. 1:“Give Drugs the Boot! ” Michael students and staff can wear boots or their favorite cowboy attire.  Be sure to wear your red ribbons!