Pick up and Drop off Lanes

If you are picking up or dropping off students at the front of the school, please remember to pull all the way to the front of the
line.  Staff are on duty outside and will assist students to and from the car as needed.  Pulling all the way up to the marked
signs will ensure our morning drop off and afternoon dismissals go safely, quickly and smoothly. 
Students will only be loaded into vehicles that are in the carpool lane near school’s curb.  For your child’s safety, we will
not allow students to get into cars that are double parked or attempting to pick up in the parking lot.  You are more than
welcome to park your car and walk across to collect your child.  We care about your child’s safety!!  Thank you for your support
in this matter.


If you are taking advantage of the Bus Loop in the morning— remember it is ONLY A DROP OFF!    
**ALL vehicles must obey STOP signs when buses are loading/ unloading students.**
**ALL Bus Loop traffic flow is ONE WAY ONLY!  DO NOT REVERSE for a quick Exit.