Greetings from Ms. Shaw!

Greetings from Ms. Shaw!
Welcome back to another SUPER school year. We are so excited to have so many new MICHAEL STARS;  some who are new
to Michael Elementary and even new to San Antonio!  We also
have a lot of new staff to welcome to Michael: 

  •  Amber Haby—Counselor
  •  Monica Chandler-Potts—Collaborative Teacher
  •  Anna Garcia—ALE Teacher
  •  Molly Machemehl—LSSP
  •  Bethany  Nicely—Music Teacher
  •  Shaelyn von Schweinitz—Kindergarten
  •  Amanda Barron—1st Grade
  •  Amanda Middleton—2nd Grade
  •  Jamie Lehberger—3rd Grade
  •  Melanie Gohn—4th Grade
  •  Samantha Hobbs—4th Grade
  •  Beth Sauer—4th Grade
  •  April Vidal—4th Grade
  •  Patricia Hultz—5th Grade
  •  Leticia Flores—ALE Instructional Assistant
  •  Ashlee Traspena—ALE  Instructional Assistant
  •  Gayle Garcia—PPCD Instructional Assistant
  •  Michael Gutierrez—At-Risk Instructional Assistant
  •  Frances Olivares—Principals Secretary/Bookkeeper
  •  Kelsie Branson—Speech

With your support and teamwork it will be the greatest year yet at
Michael Elementary!