End of the School Year Ceremonies


As we prepare for the End of Year Ceremonies, please remember our campus is a lot larger this year and so parking and patience will be at a premium. Please make sure you allow plenty of time to park your vehicle and make it to the cafeteria for your child’s ceremony. If you live close by to the school, it may be easier to actually walk to the campus. Please ensure that you arrive early, in order to secure a seat for the ceremony.
Below are the times and dates for different grade level ceremonies:
June 3rd
¨ Pre-K/PPCD (AM) Ceremony—8:30 am
¨ Kinder Ceremony—9:15 am
¨ Pre-K/PPCD (PM) Ceremony—1:15 pm
June 4th
¨ 4th Grade Ceremony—8:30 am
¨ 2nd Grade Ceremony—1:15 pm
June 5th
¨ 3rd Grade Ceremony—8:45 am
¨ Pre-K Class Party—9:30 am
¨ 5th Grade BBQ—11:30 am
¨ 1st Grade Class Party—12:30 pm
¨ 1st Grade Ceremony—1:15 pm
¨ Pre-K, K, 2-4 Class Parties —1:30 pm
June 6th
¨ 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony—8:30 am