About Us

Meadow Village opened as a K-6 elementary school in the fall of 1968. During the first few weeks of the first year, a former Meadow Village Student recalls that, ..."Meadow Village students... attended another nearby elementary school (only half a day) because Meadow Village was not yet complete. In fact, I distinctly remember the thrill of being able to vote on what color the carpeting should be (gold or red, gold won)."

ALE, PPCD, and Pre-K are additional programs that the school provides to the Meadow Village Community.  Many special memories and events have been celebrated at Meadow Village.

Thank you to Mr. David M. Ozgo for sharing some memories with us!

History of Principals

2010-present~ Sallie Frederick
2000-2010~ Mrs. Evelyn Cobarruvias
1993-2000~ Mrs. Ellen Sutton
1992-1993~ Ms. Linda Christ
1987-1992~ Mr. Rob Adair
1982-1987~ Mr.Gil Marshal
1978-1982~ Mr. Louis Williams
1969-1978~ Mr. Robert Coyle
1968-1969~ Mr. Monroe May

School Colors: Green and Gold
Mascot: Bobcat