Red Ribbon Week

Being Drug Free at Mead Elementary School is 'Groovy' (60s), 'Out of Sight' (70s), 'Totally Awesome' (80s) and 'All That and a Bag of Chips' (90s). During Red Ribbon Week (October 28 - November 1), Mead teachers stepped back in time to show off their drug free pledge.



First row: Keely Line, David Avina, Desmond De Leon, Lynette Napier

Second row: Zyanya Wilke, Roxanne Olvera, Iris De La Rosa, Pat Smolarek, Lorena Sandoval, Maricela Alarcon, Carmen Smith, Carol Langhorne, Susan Garza

Third Row: Chris Arevalo, Marco Tijerina, Debbie Sanchez, Myrna Hoodless, Dominic Acosta, Debra Rodriguez, Angela Tezel