Teacher Links

Helpful Links

Bingo Card Generator
Math Fact Cafe- Generator for math skills and flash cards
Nature Works- Learn more about North American plants and animals
Online Clock
Online Stopwatch
Reading Quest- Strategies for Reading Comprehension
Storyline Online- The Screen Actors Guild read selected books aloud
Teacher Tap- Professional Development Resources for Educators & Librarians
Read Write Think Lessons- interactive tools, and Web resources

Campus & District Links

eChild eLearn
ERO NISD Gmail Login
Ticket to Read Employee Connection
  KLRN United Streaming
  Think Through Math Login
  Voyager Learning.com - Ticket to Read Teacher Login
Technology Links
Texas STaR Chart Teach-nology Rubric Generator- create rubrics
Classroom Clipart- Includes Science clipart   
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators  
Teacher Tube
Discovery Education Clip Art Gallery
Texas Education Agency
STAAR Information on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)



Extra Links


It alleviates the need to build your own jeopardy games.  You can put gifs, jpegs, youtube videos, sound clips. 

Twittering- Tweet a link to ap rofessional article or teacher blog that you find useful/interesting (ansd is appropriate) and tag @NISDElemScience and at least one fellow facilitator/

QR Codes

Design a lesson using QR codes & movement that will allow the kids to move about the room, like digital science stations. DR sites are a good resource for stations. Use any site or extension you are comfortable with.



Create a quiz that helps your students review what they learned in the past week or two.  Name it beginning with NISDSA so your colleagues can search and find it!


Use pictures you have of your students to create an iMovie that you can share with them or their parents, or save for a family night.


Visit hyperdocs and find a hyperdoc that is ready to be tweaked for instruction!


Create a RAFT on a previous or current unit that you could assign your students to write aboute. Click on the title to access a template.


Find a lesson in the library that will work for any grade level, even if it takes a little tweaking. Tweak as needed.


Visit Buncee and explore this tool that has been oo#trending


Look at ExploringByTheSeat or Skype.edu. Find two specialists you can bring into your schools to speak with classes.


Use YouTube to find a video that aligns with specific TEKS. Submit the link under comments in the Digital Resource sites.


Find an everyday object around the room/building that you can tie to a science concept and create a chatterpix.