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Battle of the Books Part 1 (3rd through 5th ONLY)

In Game 1, you will have 8 rounds.  In each round there are 2 books.  Choose only 1 book based on:

1.  Title

2.  Author

3.  Illustration

4.  Genre

Deadline for Battle (1st round):  Friday, Oct. 27

Good Luck

Click HERE for the survey  (round 1 over)

Click HERE for round 2  (round 2 over)

Click HERE for round 3



Search Engines

KidsSearch Filtered search engine
CyberSleuth Kids Education search directory 



BrainPop, Jr.  Educational videos
iStation  (Home Use) - use this link to download iStation at home.
Continents & Oceans Use this interactive practice to get ready for your quiz
Internet4Classrooms Tons of Language Arts and Math activities organized by grade level.
IXL Math  Interactive
FASTT Math Interactive
Math Facts Practice Practive your math facts
Starfall this fantastic site makes learning to read fun for PreK through second graders and English language learners.
TumbleBooks e-books for e-kids
Seusville Interative Dr. Seuss website


BrainPop Educational videos
Discovery Education Education
FASTT Math Math excercises 
Math (3rd grade) 3rd Grade Math activities
Math Playground Fun educational math games Practice your multiplicaiton skills
River Deep Math  contains lessons assigned by classroom teacher; click here for Parents' Guide.
Think Through Math Provided by state of Texas for all students in grades 3-8. Click here for Parent Letter (English and Spanish).


Life Science (5th)

TEK:5.5B Fun with Food Webs Interative-do all 3: (Meadow, Artic, & Pond) food webs

Food Chains

"Play" the Food Chain movie and take the quiz.

If you make less than 80%, watch the movie again.  Correct the answers you got wrong.
TEK:5.5B  Food Web Interative-increase or decrease the species and see what happens!


Lunar Cycle (5th)

TEK: 5.6A Full Moon to New Moon Animated phases of the moon
TEK: 5.6A Phases of the Moon Interactive animation
TEK: 5.6A Lunar Cycle Challenge Game Game (complete all 3 levels)


Water, Carbon, & Nitrogen Cycles (5th)

TEK:5.6B The Carbon Cycle Read about the carbon cycle and then play the Carbon Cycle Game (Games tab; look under Interactives).
TEK:5.6B The Water Cycle Picture & Explanation
TEK:5.6B EPA: Water Cycle Animation


Matter (5th)

TEK:5.6A States of Matter Animated pictures of solid, liquid, gas
TEK:5.6D Boiling & Melting Points Activity
TEK:5.6D Solids & Liquids Activity & Quiz


Energy (5th)

TEK:5.6B Light & Shadows Activity & Quiz
TEK:5.6C Circuits & Conductors Activity & Quiz
TEK:5.6C Make a Circuit Online Use what you know to make a complete circuit.
TEK:5.6C The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits Click Enter to get started. Enter the initial of your first name only. Light up all 5 stars for a bonus.