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Northside Teacher Support Center everything you need
Web Quest Resources  
Clip Art Sites

for Web Pages

Sites for Teachers a hotlist of many teacher web sites
Classroom Management Resources  
Links to Literature The site lists THOUSANDS of children's books and provides links to lesson plans, units, activities, quizzes, teacher's guides, etc.
Enchanted Learning   
Teacher Tap a wonderful site that helps you integrate technology into your lessons
Marco Polo search for great lesson plan ideas
eThemes hundreds of Web-based lessons for students
Scholastic resources for teachers, kids, and parents.
Locke Hill Resource Page  
Brauchle Resource Page  
Thinkcentral.com Math textbook site
Online Courses developed by Northside Staff
The Basics Contains tutorials on many basic questions that computer users may have, such as how to save to the H drive, how to create a folder, etc. (This is used as a reference & doesn't count as staff development hours since tutorials are so brief).
The One-Computer Classroom Learn effective ways to use your classroom computer and television monitor to enhance learning (4 hours)
Exploring Internet Resources The Internet has wonderful resources for both students and teachers. Spend time examining these resources to find sites that will benefit you and your students.
Web Based Lessons Learn the difference between a subject sampler, hotlist, treasure hunt, and Web quest. Develop your own Web based lesson to use with your students. (2 to 6 hours)
Links to other on-line courses Preview other online courses offered through Northside ISD
NISD Staff Development Catalog Search the Northside Staff Development Catalog to find technology courses that are appropriate for you.