About us


Our beautiful campus opened in 1997. Our dedicated staff educates and leads our students with Roadrunner Spirit,and are committed to doing what is in the best interest of our children!  We embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of our campus and the diversity it brings to our community, district and city!

We have nearly 600 students attending our school. All classrooms are general education classes.  Each may have a teacher assigned with additional certifications by the state that enables them to instruct English Language Learners and/or students in need of specialized instruction.  Our school has 3 different bilingual porgrams. These include English as a Second Language (ESL-transition to English), Bilingual (transition to English) and Dual Language (immersion).  A teacher's instruction is in English and supports Spanish speakers to facilitate their learning. Federal and state mandates require that bilingual program classrooms also include native English speakers.  The number of classrooms we have are one Pre-K (half day program) class, and 4-5 classes from Kinder through Fifth grades.  This varies year to year, depending on student enrollment.

Our Mission:

At Monroe May, parents, students and teachers hold true that every child is entitled to a safe and respectful environment where their strengths and  talents can be built upon. We believe that creating successful, life long learners can empower students to be self driven, competitive and contributing members of our globally diverse community.

School colors: Royal Blue and White
School Mascot: Roadrunner
Grade Serviced:Pre-K-5th grade

Principals:  Geri Benitez 2014 - present, Sandra Bonnett 2009-2014, Kay Montogomery 1997-2009