From the Principal's Desk


Each day your child enters May Elementary School with the desire to be a little smarter by the end of the day. Our students are engaged in small group Guided Math and Guided Reading instruction based on their level of performance. In addition, our school wide focus has been on writing and the Writer’s Workshop methodology. Our teachers are constantly looking for new ways to improve the skill and craft of teaching and learning for all, which leads to student success through Differentiated Instruction.

As I publish this newsletter to you on the month of Valentine’s Day, when cards, candy, and flowers, convey love and affection, it is with gratitude and pride that I send you an exemplary report that our students are academically well prepared, as well as, nurtured in a caring and safe environment.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or concerns.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Mrs. Bonnett