Children's Book Week at May Elementary

Children’s Book Week at May Elementary

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May 26-30, 2014                

Monday:  Observance of Memorial Day

Tuesday: Beginning with the End in Mind

May Roadrunners have the opportunity to represent their classes as a member of the marathon team that will read continuously for 6 ½ hours.  A signup sheet will be circulated.

Wednesday:  Be Proactive

Roadrunners are invited to Dress up as their Favorite Book character.

Thursday: Sharpen the Saw

Roadrunners are invited to bring their favorite book to school and share with a buddy why it is their favorite book.

Friday: Synergize

A Reader’s Theatre will be presented after Morning Announcements.

There will also be two fun Book Clue contests.  K-2 will be shown an illustration from 4 different books and they will decide on the title of the book the illustration belongs to.  Grades 3-5 will have Famous First lines from 4 different book titles and the classes will decide which books those first lines come from. This will be done on Morning Announcements.

Books are more precious than Gold.