4th grade


Fourth Grade
 3rd-5th Grade Students
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password: date of birth (2 digit + 2 digit + 4digit)
Think Central

Student Log in : S#nisd
password: 4 x 4
(first 4 of last name and last 4 of SS#)

Think Through Math
Student log in: S#
Password: First and last inition in 
capital letters and your student ID number

Read, Write, Think - compare and contrast
Inference Practice - What is an inference?
Tony's Tire Shop-Multiplication
Car Wash -Multiplication
Patty's Paints-Multiplication
Beach Rush-Multiplication
Pizza Pizzazz-Multiplication
Math Models-Multiplication
Color Creations-Multiplication
Released TAKS tests - online and interactive
Dino Disco-Multiplication
Self Correcting Quiz-Multiplication
Place Value - includes a short quiz

Tony Fraction - Can you fill the order with the correct pizza?

Place Value - largest possible number
Fractions - AAAMath
Place Value - online PowerPoint
Place Value - AAA Math
Math for Kids - The exciting math website for kids
A Maths Dictionary for Kids - great interactive definitions
Social Studies

NISD Online Database Resources

Scott Foresman - English and Spanish
Lone Star Junction - a Texas history resource
Texas History - includes timeline, historical documents and more!
Kids.gov - official kids portal for the US Government
Memory Match -Lewis and Clark

 Native Texans


Life Cycle of Sea Turtle

The Earth's Atmosphere

Disphotic Zone (Twilight zone)
Euphotic Zone (Sunlit)


Kids Know It Network - From the human heart, to the moons of Jupiter you will find it all on the KidsKnowIt Network
Electric Circuits - an interactive e-learning website
Ology - American Museum of Natural History
Electricity - PowerPoints and websites
Harcourt Science - select your grade level
Mouse Skills