About Us

We are named after Mr. Jim G. Martin - The NISD School Board named Northside's 67th elementary school for Jim G. Martin in honor of a man who dedicated his career to education. As an engineer, Martin spent 30 years working for public school districts, making sure students were educated in modern, durable, and energy-efficient schools and oversaw the renovations and construction of dozens of schools.

As NISD's assistant superintendent for Facilities & Operations, Martin's uncompromising character and honesty earned him the respect of colleagues, employees, members of the construction industry.

Our Mascot is the Engineer. (Martin Engineers)

The Martin Engineers have hopped aboard the Martin Express, which is traveling on the fast track to success! . Martin Engineers are on a journey that values: school, achievement, discovery, adventure, exploration, trustworthiness, citizenship, responsibility, respect, fairness, and caring.