I am Marshall Proud

...because our AP/Dual Credit students are graduating college early.

...because our AP/Dual Credit students are maintaining high GPAs in college

...because our students are finding their niches in post graduation success: a student apprising of her opportunity to produce her own column in her school paper, wrote, you "Really did a lot to help me with the way I write."

...because our students CHOOSE to make great choices

…because of the Ram parents who believe and trust in our teachers to truly care and

teach their most beloved treasures.

…because of the traditions Marshall has grown throughout the District as the first

Northside School.

…because of the community service hours accumulated by our students helping


…because of the number of students in extracurricular activities who give their all to

their academics and still find more to give.

…because of the pride our teachers have in helping to shape the future.

…because of the excellent support our campus staff  provides.

…because of our teachers who provide rigor and challenge our students to prepare

for a full and successful future.