Maintenance: Vehicle Maintenance

VACANT, Vehicle Maintenance Manager

(210) 397-7651 VACANT

Cliff Fernandez, Vehicle Maintenance Foreman

(210) 397-4723

Maintenance Mechanic Shops: 4 separate shops, 10 members.  Responsible for the complete service and maintenance of over 750 vehicles, machines, trailers and support devices.

Service, repair, modify and maintain rolling stock for 12 different NISD departments.

Develop vehicle and machine specifications for new unit purchase.  Analyze and determine which vehicles and machines that have reached the end of their service life.

Maintain fuel stocks, storage tanks and dispensers in coordination with District Environmentalist.

Project District vehicle and machine requirements and prepare specifications for review by Maintenance Director.

Maintain comprehensive waste management and recycling program for all mechanic shops.

Test, inspect and coordinate service and repair for 22 District fixed site emergency standby generators.