Maintenance: Maintenance Systems

Keith Brown, Maintenance Systems Manager

(210) 397-7655

The Maintenance Systems Section has 5 employees an Application Support Specialist, a Systems Manager, 2 Data Entry Clerks, and the Maintenance Receptionist.

They are responsible for processing all work requests, as well as maintaining the accuracy and reliability of the Maintenance database software and records.

  1. The Application Support Specialist provides hands on training to all Maintenance personnel as needed, as well as correcting software/hardware problems encountered. He also assists the Systems Manager in creating reports, administering the database, and evaluating new software and computer related equipment. He, along with the Support Manager and Systems Manager review and assign all work requests sent via the Maintenance WEB work order system.
  2. The Systems Manager is responsible for maintaining the reliability of all software/hardware the Maintenance Department uses, as well as locating and  evaluating new software and technologies, which might benefit Maintenance and Northside ISD. He is directly responsible for the approving and rejecting all work requests, as well as ensuring the proper support is provided to all NISD facilities by the Maintenance and Operations Department.
  3. The Maintenance Receptionist has the primary responsibility of taking all emergency work requests, and making sure the appropriate personnel are notified. Other duties are greeting visitors, answering the phone and directing the calls to the proper destination, as well as assisting the other personnel in her area.
  4. The three Data Entry Clerks share equal responsibility in updating the database by closing all completed work orders, ensuring that the action taken on each is entered, and enter all labor charged for each work order.
  5. Other responsibilities include filing all hard copies of the work orders, assisting in answering the main phone lines, entering all work requests submitted on the appropriate forms, and providing relief to the other clerks and secretaries as needed.