Maintenance: Custodial Services

Harold Hansen, Assistant Director of Custodial Services

(210) 397-4715

Jennifer McDowal, Secretary

(210) 397-4715

Custodial Services, lead by the Assistant Director of Maintenance for Custodial Services, consists of eight Area Custodial Supervisors, one Office Custodial Trainer and one Secretary whose daily tasks greatly impact the lives of administrators, faculty, and students alike. These dedicated individuals support our campus based custodians who clean 16.5 Million Square Feet of educational environment:

Our Campus Based Custodial Staff:

  1. Clean and vacuum all our facilities daily.
  2. Prepare and set up for all meetings, plays, programs, athletic events, and outside groups, including churches, civic groups, and elections.
  3. Clean, sanitize, and restock all District restrooms daily.
  4. Strip and wax over all District tile floors on an annual basis.
  5. Ensure that over 200 dumpsters are emptied daily.
  6. Set up, clean and monitor the cafeterias during breakfast and lunch.
  7. Work with the district's Energy Managers to monitor the facilities' heating and air conditioning systems for maximum efficiency.
  8. Prepare and submit maintenance work requests either in writing or through the district's automated work request system.

Custodial Services is also responsible the NISD Pest Control Technician.