Maintenance: Building Trades

Don Miller, Building Trades Manager

(210) 397-7612

Pablo Ortiz, Building Trades Foreman

(210) 397-4726

Michael Sanchez, Building Trades Foreman

(210) 397-7607

 The Building Trades Shop consists of 8 different, yet related trades and a Special Projects Section - Carpentry, Cabinetry, Flooring, Glazing, Locksmith, Masonry, Welding and Roofing. The purpose of these trades is to maintain a safe, comfortable, and pleasant learning and working environment for the students and staff of Northside. This shop is dedicated to ensuring prompt response and quality work.

  1. The carpentry trade staff are responsible for the maintenance and repair of all facilities throughout the district. This includes all in-house new construction and remodeling projects, installation and repair of ceiling systems, doors and door hardware, toilet partitions, lockers and a variety of other carpentry aspects involved in maintaining school buildings.
  2. The cabinetry trade is used to design and building of cabinetry in the district.
  3. The flooring specialists responsibilities include the maintaining of all the floors in the district to include carpeting. VCT, cove base, and stair treads.
  4. The glazing trade has two skilled glaziers responsible for any repairs, remodeling and new construction that includes glass throughout the district. One of their most demanding tasks is to replace broken or vandalized glass in the District in a timely manner.
  5. The locksmith trade consists of 4 skilled locksmiths, with responsibilities including the repair of all locking systems, and conversion to "Best Lock" systems where applicable.
  6. The masonry trade consists of 1 masonry specialists. They have the responsibility of all masonry-related repairs, new construction, and landscape retaining walls throughout the district.
  7. The roofing trade consists of 2 roofing specialists. Their responsibility is to locate and repair roof leaks, determine warranty repairs, maintain gutter systems, and have knowledge of all roof systems in the district.
  8. The Welding shop has 1 certified lead welder and 1 certified journeyman welder. They are responsible for supporting in-house new construction projects and for metal repairs and fabrication throughout the district

 The Special Projects Section consists of a coordinator, and projects assistant. These individuals are responsible for coordinating the Minor Construction Project Request process and several contract services. This includes promoting enhanced communication between Facilities & Operations, Maintenance, and all other District Facilities

  1. The MCPR Process is handled directly by the Coordinator. As MCPR’s are submitted, they are reviewed, assigned for check & advise, returned to coordinator, discussed in committee, and processed accordingly.
  2. The contract services performed includes the collecting of bids, processing those bids, awarding contract work, and following through to see the job complete. It includes various types of projects. Examples as follows: Restroom partition replacement, flooring repair and or replacement, major door and frame repair, and mini-blind installation. In the future this aspect is expected to grow.