Luna Introduces "Bring Your Own Device"

Our Luna faculty is excited to inform you of our optional “Bring Your Own Device” program. After study and planning, we will be inviting students to bring their own Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) for guided use in the classroom. This will include devices such as iPads, cell phones, tablets, laptops or other electronics that students will use under teacher supervision for specific lessons and learning goals.

This policy page summarizes our campus policies about Personal Electronic Devices.

Learn about our "Bring Your Own Device Program" by viewing this short video.

We considered many advantages of PED technology before reaching this decision:

  • We believe that the use of PEDs can create richer learning experiences for our students.
  • Our students are growing up in a digital age, and in order to be successful, they must be able to use technology effectively.
  • Many of our students already own expensive electronic devices, but many of them only use this technology to play games or visit with friends.  We can teach our students to use these devices as a tool for learning and growth.

For these reasons, many of our classes will be using PEDs in the classroom this school year as a way to enhance student learning.

Personal Electronic Devices will not be required, and teachers will have plans in place for students who do not have their own device.  However, we believe that PEDs can enhance the learning of an entire class, even if only a handful of students have a device.

We have rules in place to guide the safe and effective use of PEDs on campus.  The Northside ISD Acceptable Use Policy regarding technology will be in effect, and students will be expected to use their device only as directed and only for educational purposes.  Participating in the “Bring Your Own Device” program is considered a privilege, not a right.

We have communicated the technology rules and expectations to our students, and you can learn more about them by visiting our campus web page.

We recommend that you clearly label any PED with your student’s name.  You may also choose to record the device’s serial number.  The PED will be the responsibility of the individual student.  Luna will not be responsible for the loss, damage, or theft of a PED.

We believe this program will benefit all Luna students.  Please review the rules on the back of this page with your students.  If you have any questions, you can find more information at the Luna website,