Recently the band, choir and orchestra competed in UIL (University Scholastic League) contest.  All three took both varsity (the top group) and the non-varsity (the second group—usually the 7th graders) to perform on stage for three judges.  Then the group moves to the Sight Reading Room (three judges but not the same three from the stage competition) where the director walks students through a piece of music, cold.  This means the students have never before seen the music.  The director, in eight minutes or less, must convey musically what the various musicians must do to play the piece as close to perfection as possible.  The director may not sing, tap or sign. In the last three minutes the director may vocalize the melodies and tempos.   The students may finger the instrument but may not produce sound.  It’s intense!  I have had the privilege of watching a variety of directors, under great pressure, inspire students to do things they didn’t know they were capable of.  All six Luna groups earned the highest rating:  Sweepstakes.  This is the first time in the nine year history of Luna that all six groups have earned Sweepstakes in the same year!  As I write this, we are saving money for a new trophy case so we can proudly display the hard earned and well deserved recognition.  Congratulations to band, choir and orchestra.