Solar Car Club Races to the Finish Line

For nine weeks this semester, Locke Hill's Solar Car Club was building solar powered vehicles in preparation for the NISD Solar Car Race Day. That is the day when students get to race against all the other Solar Car club kids in Northside to see who built the best solar car. Race Day was May 4th, and although it was a beautiful day, unfortunately, we didn’t have a beautiful finish, as neither team made it past the first round. BUT, the Taco Cats girls team DID finish in second place for one of their heats, and fourth place for another. Not bad when there are 8 cars in each heat. The Butter Racers boys team couldn’t get their car to cooperate on the track no matter how hard they tried to modify it, but we are sure they would have blown the other cars away if the race had been on concrete.  All in all, it was a very fun day.