What Makes Linton Special?

ots of dedicated teachers                                                                                                  
Involved parents                                                                                                                 
Never give up attitude                                                                                                        
Trustworthy administration
Over 5 years of exemplary status
No one left behind

Motto - Know All, Love All, Serve All

Color - Green and Gold

Mascot - Longhorn

Namesake - Dolores B. Linton


Linton was established in 1980 and named after Dolores B. Linton, a black teacher, who is well-known for her contributions to San Antonio's black community.  Linton is a Title I school and has fought to get and maintain the status of EXEMPLARY.  The rise to academic fame began in 1996 under the leadership of Principal Emilio Landeros who refused to allow the label of Title I to keep his students from being successful.  In 1998, Linton reached the status of RECOGNIZED.  Refusing to stop at being recognized Linton continued to work hard, finally reaching the status of EXEMPLARY in 2007.  This EXEMPLARY status has been maintained for over 5 years.  Linton has even been featured in the magazine Texas Monthly as one of the "Best Schools in Texas" in the years 2005-2006 & 2007-2008.

Although Principal Emilio Landeros has retired, (January 2013), Linton's new principal, Juan Perez, holds the same standards as his predecessor.  Linton has been and will be greatly enriched by it's past and present leaderships.