I am Linton Proud


because we have the best students in the State of Texas

because we have the best teachers in the State of Texas

because we are a Title I Rewards School

because we have met all available STAAR distinctions two years in a row

because we are voted one of the top 100 schools in San Antonio

because we are the first school in Bexar County to have theReadyKidSA program

because we are the only school in San Antonio to have the Time Out for Reading mentor program

because we have the Holmes Huskies mentorship program

because we provide our students with mentorship opportunities from 46 different mentors

because we have a great beginning of year block walk with our surrounding Ross feeder schools

because we totaled $5,692.00 in NEF grants last year

because we build strong community partnerships

because we have an effective and active parent volunteer program

because we were an exemplary campus from 2007-2012

because we were featured in Texas Monthly as one of the best schools in Texas for two year

because we were recognized as an National Center for Education Achievement (NCEA) High Performing School

because we were recognized as a Distinguished Title I School for four years

because we were a Recognized campus for 9 years, 1998-2007

because we were recognized for our outstanding safety patrols by the city of San Antonio

because we are committed to student growth and success

because we form meaningful relationships with all students

because we put students first

because we know all, love all, serve all