Pasta for Pennies

Thanks to Student Council and Mrs. Posson for getting Linton Elementary involved in the Pasta for Pennies fundraiser.  All students were given coin boxes to collect pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters from family members and friends.  The Pasta for Pennies fundraiser benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Students collected and counted change daily, hoping to be the class at the end of the fundraiser with the most money collected. In the end, the school collected over $2000!

And the winners are...
3rd place - Mrs. Zalapa's 5th grade class,
2nd place - Mrs. Moreno's 3rd grade class, and...
1st place - Mrs. Weakley's  4th grade class. 

Mrs. Weakley's class collected $258.00 worth of change.    Their class will win a free pasta meal from Olive Garden for being the top selling class at Linton. Congratulations Mrs. Weakley's class!!!
Enjoy your meal.