Procedure Manual


Annual Report 

Appraisal Instruments

Barcoding/Inventorying for Others


  • Conferences and Workshops
  • Formulas
  • Spending Guidelines
  • Transfers Between Accounts

Bulbs, Disposal

Cataloging Specifications

List of Books Challenged in the past

Collection Development

Damaged or Lost Book Guidelines 


    Interlibrary Loan

    Internal Audit

    • Book Fairs
    • Resources, Manuals, Presentations
    • School Store
    • Student Activity Funds

    N-time Training Manual for Librarians (available only on NISD network)

    Ordering (available only on NISD network)

    • General Book & AV Purchasing Guidelines
      • Allowable Purchases
      • Bid List
      • Blanket Purchase Orders
      • Budget Codes
      • Do Not Exceed (DNE)
      • Maximum Amounts for Purchase Requisitions
      • Vendors Approved
    • MUNIS examples and links
    • Database Requisitions
    • Periodicals
    • SAF Accounts
    • Supplies

    Purchase of Reading Incentives or Other Gifts

    Start/Close Dates for Libraries

    • Elementary
    • Secondary


    Timeline (Monthly To-Do List and Recommendations)