Your Child's Reputation Online

Your Child's Reputation Online
  • The fact that what you do online stays online forever is good news!  It means we can make smart decisions and take thoughtful actions to leave a positive footprint behind: CommonSense 
  • You can ask a website to remove information about you.  Of course they are not obligated to do this and if they refuse you can contact to help you negotiate with them.
  • What does your or your child's digital footprint look like?   
    -Search: your name, usernames, emails, gaming handles, & phone numbers.   Place quotes around your search term to get more accurate results.  For example ""
    -Google pipl
  • Get to know the lingo!  Check out the sites listed below to learn a few of the abbreviations and terms your child is using to text, chat and communicate with others online.  If you have questions ask your child.
     - NetLingo
     - Webopedia
  • Print out a copy of the THINK poster & hang it near your computer or upload the poster to your home screen on your computer and all devices.
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  •  Stay informed and ask you child what apps or sites they use and why.