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Begin to learn to think critically

                                How to Think Critically BBC Learning English YouTube



                                                                           What is True? -Distinguish Fact from Opinion

Distinguishing Fact from Opinion SnapLanguage on YouTube



                                                                                                        Learn how to reason and what makes a strong argument!

How to Argue -Philosophical Reasoning: Crash Course Philosophy #2  Crash Course YouTube

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Our intellect or reasoning alone is not the solution.


Calvin and Hobbes cartoons



  Everyone at one time or another in reasoning or rationlizing places significance on things based on our personal agendas and self-preservation - overly self-concerned or self-centered.  Philosophers call this complete subjective reasoning.    We all are conditioned to look out for ourselves above others and therefore may have faulty reasoning without being aware of it.  Just as we know from various studies that we are unaware of many of our biases, misperceptions, negative thoughts and emotions.

However we have a greater resource at hand in our using our emotional intelligence, and by our cultivating empathy, open-mindedness, self-awareness, and compassion for others and ourselves.




Various and numerous studies show that both Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness Practice are very effective in neutralizing the toxic qualities of bias, faulty reasoning, subjective reasoning, rationalizing, and assumptions, thus guiding you to evidence and truth.         




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