Cultivating Healthy Habits

How a handful of companies control our minds everyday


How much is too much? Click Here to find out!

  • Parent's Guide to Social Media Usage- Psychology Today
  • *Remove ads for distraction free reading to create a content only page with this Google Extension- Just Read
      -once installed just highlight the text you want to read and then click the Just Read icon!
  • 5 ideas to cultivate a healthy screen diet -Mindful Schools

  • Lots of good tips in this documentary- Screenagers

  • Have Device Free Dinners - Yes it is just like it sounds.

  • To see which pages your child is visiting check the web history from time to time -even on their mobile devices.  If they are deleting the history or using private/incognito searching click here
  • Regulate time spent on the phone or device:
     -In the Moment app for iOS -tracks how much you use your phone
     -Circle app on Google Play -manage content and time online


  • Print out a copy of the THINK poster & hang it near your computer or upload the poster to your home screen on your computer and all devices.

                         - Technology Rocks   or   - Mr. Fortna's Blog


Learn & Do:
  • 10 Ways to protect the brain from daily screen time - Psychology Today
  • Great videos on helping kids with screentime and habits- CommonSense
  • Make a plan of how your family consumes media - AAP Media Plan
Continue to:
  • Talk with your child on his/her internet and social media usage.