Secondary Students-What is Fake News?


What is "Fake News"?


  Fake news” isn’t exactly a new term (it has appeared in the American lexicon before), but it is enjoying a new resurgence in use and popularity. The term is catchy, “click-baitey” if you will (intended to get you clicking on a headline); it is meant to attract attention. But it’s also rather vague and ill-defined. People are using the term “fake news” to describe news that isn’t necessarily false, but that they perhaps just don’t agree with or don’t like. The many ways the phrase is being used renders it practically meaningless.

To avoid being misunderstood, avoid using the term “fake news.” Instead, classify information as either true/factual, misinformation, or disinformation.

  • Misinformation is when false information is shared, but no harm is meant.  Can contain false connections and/or misleading content.

  • Disinformation is when false information is knowingly shared to cause harm.  Can contain manipulated content, fabricated content, imposter content and/or false context.

So the question stands. Is "fake news" fake?  -Could be.




What is fake news? by Rappler YouTube



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