Information Available to Advertisers

Information Available to Advertisers & Others

  • *Remove ads for distraction free reading to create a content only page with this Google Extension: Just Read
      -once installed just highlight the text you want to read and then click the Just Read icon!
  • For shopping online check a website's security status before entering your billing info.
  • To remove the chance of clicking on an ad by mistake or being distracted by all the ads be proactive by removing all the ads from all webpages including Facebook & other social media:  adblock (for Chrome)
  • Clear your cookie history from time to time.
Learn & Do:  
  • Find out all the things advertisers already know about you and your family just based on the record of computer usage you open this link in.
     -Once on page scroll down to 'Want to See Your Data?'   BlueKai
Continue to: 
  • Dialogue with your children on their internet usage & being smart online.