Digital Citizenship: Copyright (free) Guidelines & Resources


Give credit in 2 easy steps!



Step #1 - Finding Copyright Free Digital Materials


We highly recommend you use Copyright Free materials - photos, sounds, and videos.   


-You can start by using material you have created yourself. 

-The next best thing is to use royalty free materials. See link below Step #2.




Step #2 - Always Give Attribution. Always. 


-At Northside we use the internationally recognized TASL technique.



For example - Dog by John Rodriguez



For more info. on TASL click here




   sound & videos (click image)




Why is giving attribution important? -Learn why in this fun activity:


To know the importance of using Copyright Free material and in giving attribution to the people who created the material you use

we recommend you license a piece of your own creative work - image, video, etc.  

How Creative Commons works


Practice creating your own license




Fair Use - the last resort


Only after thoroughly searching in our Copyright Free resources and still not finding what you need than you may consider as a last

resort fairly using copyrighted material.


If you want to use copyrighted material then you can only legally use it if it is under the Fair Use clause.


If you are not sure whether the material in question falls under fair use you can use this Fair Use Evaluator



For more detailed information see below:



What is the best choice for selecting digital materials such as images, videos, music, & sound? 
It is always best to use work that you yourself created.  The next best method is searching copyright free or Creative Commons material!
See for yourself!

Step #2 How to Give Credit to Copyright Free Material!

Step #3 Copyright Free

Step #4 Use Fair Use 
- as a last resort!