3D Student Projects


American Revolution Virtual Museum created by Mr. Moreno's 10th grade World History classes in collaboration with Elsa Trevino, librarian at Taft H.S.

Students researched tools used in this time period and recreated them (many from scratch) by 3D desgining them.



  The amputation saw was a surgical tool used during the Revolutionary War and was used without any anesthetics as they were not yet invented at that time.

by Christian P. 8th P. at TaftHS on Sketchfab


Powder horns were made from cow or ox horn and used for carrying gunpowder. Embellishing these animal horns with maps was a popular activity with frontiersmen and with soldiers serving in British Colonial America, especially during the French and Indian War (1754 – 1763) and the American Revolutionary War (1775 – 1783).

by Alexis C. 7thP at TaftHS on Sketchfab







The American Revolution was very time consuming and families had no quick cooking methods. I am traveling back in time to understand exactly what they used to cook. They had to kill small and large game as i watched them hunt. From killing pigs to deer, they are big animals and take time to kill and cook. They did not have the modern day rotisserie like we have now, but instead i watched them use a small object that had to be spun constantly.

by Woo C. & Chris C. Pd 7 by TaftHS on Sketchfab

Living as Mr. Washington’s right hand man I witnessed a lot of great and bad things. Moving from place to place would get very stressful because you always had to get used to new people and landscapes along with animals. Although we moved a lot Mr. Washington had his own personal bed to sleep in, and I always took it with us to make sure he always had it by his side. It wasn’t very heavy so I had no problem carrying it around with him. It was a honor being his go to man.

by Matthew M. & Niko K. Pd 8 by TaftHS on Sketchfab











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ES students at Carnahan were challenged to create a vehicle that would endure extreme climate and topographical conditions.

Ultimately they responded to this inquiry: How does weather affect the topography such as In wind and sand,  water and wind in the formation of canyons,  etc.?  

Thank you Ms. Norma Gutierrez, Librarian, for facilitating this project!

Traveling canyons as they are forming @ 10,000 x! by Joe Tedesco

Students at McAndrew ES took on the challenge in their 3D design club in the library to be creative.

Thank you, Liza Mireles, librarian, for facilitating this club!

Pizza by Joe Tedesco